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    Quality and value with WindowsFirst - Replacement Cloudy glass units  

Windows First - Kenilworth's best value Cloudy glass sealed unit specialist

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Cloudy Glass Repairs Kenilworth

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Doors like any other frequently used product can get damaged or break,from jammed locks to broken glass we can help with it all.We are highly experienced in dealing with all of the problems a dooor can create.We replace door handles,letterboxes,knockers,panels and can even repair dents and scratches.Why not try one of our door makeovers ,like a new door but with out the high cost ,replace the hardware for a fresh look or completely change the door panel for a whole new look.

Your door creates the first impression of any visitor to your home ,so make it a good one ,damaged handles and letterboxes can make a door look old and tatty.Shiney new ones change the look in an instance.

Is your door secure ,are your door barrels anti bump ,if not you should consider changing them ,a small cost for piece of mind.

We offer the best value on replacement sealed units



Do you haveCloudy failed sealed units ?

Then give us a calll ,we offer the best value replacement sealed unit service in Kenilworth.We can normally replace the glass within 48 hours.


Not only that but your new sealed units will be fitted with Thermal spacer bars as standard.


So wether you have one failed unit or a whole house full ,give us a call !


See how much we can save you !